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My Name is Daryll

Daryll Sanders is the name, credit repair is the game.  I am a personal and small business lawyer that works with all sorts of people.  When I started my career, I worked in a law office that specialized in credit repair.  Upon working with our clientele, I was amazed at how many people let their credit slip into disarray.  People didn’t pay bills, ignored statements from banks or hospitals, and neglected payments on all sorts of commodities and property.  Often we were able to help these people repair their credit easily, but sometimes it was almost impossible without hours upon hours of effort and hundreds of dollars in processing and services fees.  People can save themselves so much stress and worry if they learn the basics about credit cards maintain good credit.


People often don’t realize how much bad credit can affect them, and then are amazed when they are denied a loan or when a car dealership won’t sell them a car.  Please become educated now if you feel that you aren’t already.  Becoming educated on these important matters can not only help you make good choices about maintaining good credit, but can also help you prevent fraud and suspicious activity from those that would seek to take advantage of your finances.


The site isn’t overly long or complicated, and I promise that if you just take 5 to 10 minutes to read up on a few of the basics, you can save yourself hours of work in the future.